Representative Cases

  • Our client was facing his second DUI charge with a rollover accident. We diligently gathered open records on both the old charge and the new one. In gathering information on the closed case, we were able to present evidence at trial on the new DUI charge that overwhelmingly convinced the jury that our client was not guilty.
  • A juvenile client was charged with a serious offense from an incident that happened at school. We met with the prosecutor and appeared in court to show why our client should not be charged with the crime. The court agreed with our position and the case was closed with no long-term effects for the juvenile.
  • We were scheduled for trial and refused to back down on a felony drug case that would be tough to win. We were ready to present our side at trial, but after our motion to suppress hearing, the state dismissed the case.
  • The jailed client should have been out weeks before we took the case. We were not only able to get him released within a few days of retaining our office, but also get his entire case dismissed.

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